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Le Tian Tian


Le Tian Tian, 乐甜甜 Café is a brand that offers traditional HK desserts (Tong Shui) and home-made popular Asian Delights – of Almond Paste, Sesame Paste, Barley Bean curd, Walnut Paste, Homemade Yam Cake, Glutinous Rice, Stewed Pork White Beehoon, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, just to name a few since its founding in 2016. Our food lover founders aim to bring the HK 茶餐厅 concept of combined HK desserts and selected Asian Delights meals to delight customers throughout the day. The Café offers a comfortable, relaxing and unique exterior that is Instagram-worthy and just like our Café name, 乐甜甜; our motto is to achieve a happy and sweet-sweet experience for every customer. The second outlet was established at business district at One Raffles place in 2019 who wants to treat themselves to something healthy, soothing and enjoyable in office hour.
Mon - Sun: 8.00am - 9.00pm


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